About Us

Who we are?

Caltama Enterprise is a social enterprise located in the northern part of Ghana where the finest and best Shea is found. We ensure women empowerment through the provision of best industry standard quality nuts and butter that yield high quality Shea products. We provide the customer the option of both organic and inorganic nuts. We also provide high grade Shea butter through our partnership with Teihisuma Shea Butter Processing Center.

Our team is made of highly determined and extensively experienced women groups that process the Shea fruits into just the “nuts” and “butter” you need for your every purpose.

What we do?

We procure and provide high grade Shea nuts and butter for companies and individuals. We specialize in periodic supply of Shea Nuts and Butter in any quantity.

What we offer?

Shea Nuts;

By strictly following the standard procedures for Shea nuts production, we offer the best of Organic and inorganic Shea nuts to companies and individual interested in getting the best out of the Shea plant. We deliver to local and international clients that seek top quality Shea nuts.

Shea Butter;

We supply the best raw/unrefined Shea butter you can find one on the market. We supply both white and yellow butter and provide standard test results conducted by the Ghana Standard Board to assure our clients of quality.

Our Partners

We are in synergy with Teihisuma Shea butter Processing Centre who through mutual arrangement, we supply quality Shea nuts for their production.

Fair trade sheanuts  with premium quality, everyone benefits!

Organic nuts from the heart of the north – the home of quality organic products